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Butt Cap Enlargement

Butt Cap Enlargement (Bulbus) 

For some of us, the stock/manufacturers butt cap is not to our liking. This could be for a number of reasons such as:

Uncomfortable, causes blisters/hard skin, racquet has a tendancy to slip or twist. 

For me, the benefit of an enlarged butt cap, is having a little more at the end, to allow for more 'whip' without holding the racquet too tight.

Original (Wilson BLX) Butt cap

Custom Butt cap (bulbus)

Richard Gasquet re-gripping his racquet. Note the oversized butt cap.


Comparison. Original - Custom


For this particular customisation, I used heat shrink of various sizes .

1st to apply  -    1/4"
2nd to apply -    3/4"
3rd and last  - 1 1/2"

For this method you will need:

Heat shrink (Specially formulated heat shrink sleeve increases handle size by 1/8" (full grip size) per application.


Leather Grips
Adding weight to the handle